April Taylor

April Taylor (E-RYT 500), believes yoga is an exploration, an adventure that is always evolving and changing, just like your mind and body. “I have always loved the art of movement as a dancer and beyond grateful having incorporated yoga into my life.  Yoga has been life-enhancing and I have enjoyed studying many different styles of yoga.” April enjoys teaching alignment, relaxation and acceptance in a fun and non-judgemental environment. With over 15 years of experience, April has enjoyed the adaptability of yoga and the skill to redirect focus from the physical postures using breath and imagery. Navigating your personal edge, allowing yourself grace to push or permission to back off is part of each individual’s exploration of yoga.  April enjoys a lot of laughing, time with family, friends, traveling, leading yoga retreats, guiding, healing & awakening through yoga.  April is always down to take African dance or belly dance classes!


April has a Bachelor of Science in Business and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts

in School and Clinical Counseling. Namaste!

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