About Yoga At SoCal

Yoga At SoCal offers various formats of yoga to cater to strength building or relaxation and restoration. Yoga is healing through movement! Everyone is welcome regardless of your age, culture, and physical condition. We offer a variety of classes, both heated and non-heated. Whether you’re an avid fitness guru or not, or just recovering from an injury, adding heated or non-heated Yoga to your routine will enhance and improve your overall performance. All members work at their own level and pace. Our aim is to help you strengthen and improve your body’s natural range of motion and restore flow throughout all your bodily systems. Our instructors are educated to layer their class, making it accessible for new members, while challenging even those with years of experience.


First Visit – $12
Drop-In Class – $20
* 5 Class Pack – $85
* 10 Class Pack – $149
Unlimited Yoga – $109/mo with autopay or $119/mo (month-to-month)
Unlimited Yoga & Ride – $139/mo (autopay)
Unlimited Trifecta Membership – $149/mo (autopay)

* 5 and 10 Class Packs expires 3 Months from date of purchase.

Class Options

Hot Vinyasa Flow (HVF)

This Power/Vinyasa is a powerful, energetic practice where students fluidly move from one pose to the next. It is a vigorous and revitalizing challenge in intensity and pace. This class uses breath as the primary link between alternating poses and mind-body connection. We call this breath Ujjayi. Build strength, increase endurance, release tension and create more flexibility in the entire body. Class duration 60 min. (approx. 98-100 degrees with approx. 40%-50% humidity).

Hot Power Flow (HPF)

This class is a great starting point for any beginning yogi. This class is a sequence of postures that move more deeply, slowly and mindfully, which allows for the same sequence every time (formerly called Hot Fusion). This allows you time to find proper alignment and sink deeper into each asana. You will gain flexibility, balance, strength and mental focus. You will also get a little bit of practice flowing as you layer the postures together in breath to movement. There are little to no vinyasa in this class, so your wrists get a break from Chaturangas. Class duration 60 min. (approx. 98-102 degrees with approx. 40%-50% humidity.

Strength Flow (SF)

Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat music. This class uses vinyasa movements and resistance exercises for increased muscle endurance. You’ll combine free weights with yoga sequencing and cardio while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges, and bicep curls. You will build strength, stamina, and flexibility while moving from one pose to the next! Class duration 60 min. (approx. 95-97 degrees with no added humidity).

Restorative Yoga (RY)

Therapuetic style of yoga. Props such as straps, blocks, blankets are used to promote opening of the body and deep relaxation. Props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your body. This enables deep relaxation as you hold poses for longer periods of time with the help of props to completely support you. Class duration 60 min. (lightly heated with no added humidity).


Bodyweight fitness class that uses ballet-inspired movements with light weights to tone muscles. It's an energizing workout with stabilizing positions and posture that support creating lean muscle. This class is good for all fitness levels and no dance experience needed.

Bikram Yoga (60 min., 75 min., & 90 min. classes)

Traditional yoga class of 26 postures (x2) and two breathing exercises working through every system of your body. This class is taught in a heated room to warm your muscles and stretch safely, increase circulation and cleanse toxins from the body. A regular practice results in the healing of injuries, weight loss, increased strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. Approx. 100-103 degrees with approx. 40%-50% humidity).


What do I need to know for my first class?

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Connect with your teacher before class for any questions or concerns that may affect your practice and take a moment to breathe. Keep in mind we have a strict late policy to protect you and your yoga teacher. This means you will not be admitted to class five minutes after the scheduled start time. In addition, when classes are full and waitlisted, all online reservations are released five minutes prior to class starting so yogis present in the studio can take class. No Late Admittance! Doors will be locked once class is in session!


2. Bring only the essentials. Water, mat, mat towels, and hand towels. Cell phones, food, gum and shoes must be kept outside the Yoga room. We recommend giving yourself a few hours (2-3 hrs) to digest before class and drink lots of water throughout the day to be properly hydrated.


3. Be present. Practice with the class as we are all on this journey together! Honor your body and take breaks when needed. Stay for the whole class, including Savasana. In the event you will be leaving early, please notify your instructor and leave the room quietly out of respect for others.

What should I expect in a yoga class?

Before Class. Always check-in at the front desk. Leave cell phones (on silent) with personal belongings in the designated location. Phones are not allowed in the yoga room. Leave shoes in designated location. Practice good hygiene, and avoid perfumes, colognes and other scented products. Enter the room quietly.

During Class. Your goal is to stay in the room for the entire duration of the class. If an emergency requires you to leave, please re-enter between postures. Practice stillness between postures. Focus on only yourself in the mirror. Honor the silence of the room by moving quietly and not talking.

After Class. Return rented mats at the designated location. Enjoy the benefits you’ve gained from class. Remember consistency of practice is recommended, so make a commitment to yourself.

What if I’m running late to class?

All online sign ups are released five minutes prior to class. If the class is full and waitlisted, your spot will be given up to a yogi present in the studio. To avoid this, make sure check in with the front desk at least five minutes prior to class starting. If the class is not full, you can still lay down your mat up to 5 minutes after the start time.

What if I can't make it to class?

If you are not able to make it for your reserve class, you have an 8 hour cancellation/no show policy. If you cancel or was a no show up to 6 hours of class, there will be no fee. If you cancel or was a no show after the 6 hour mark, there is a $15 late cancel fee. Fitness At SoCal, CycleFIT at SoCal and Yoga At SoCal is a community built on studio etiquette and for the studio to run smoothly, and for all of our clients to be able to take their desired classes, it’s imperative that clients cancel their classes within the late cancel window. We do not accept same day class switches and there are no exceptions for late cancels. All clients must cancel through their account. Cancellations will not be accepted through voice mail or emails.

Is there a late policy?

In an effort to start class on time and respect the time of our students, we have a strict late policy. Please keep in mind when classes are full and waitlisted, all online reservations are released five minutes prior to class and other students will be let in. This will result in the above fees or loss of class. In addition, showing up five minutes late or canceling less than 6 hours prior to the start of class will also result in the above fees or loss of class.

What if the class I want to take is full?

Come 15-20 minutes prior to class to snag a walk-in spot or put your name on the waitlist!

What is the minimum age to practice at Yoga@SoCal?

The minimum age to practice in the heat is 14.

Are there any membership policies I should be aware of?

We require any changes to be made 30 days before the next billing cycle. This includes cancelling and suspending your membership. This must be done either in person or via email.

How hot are hot yoga classes?

Our heated classes are 90-98 degrees. In addition, we have Infrared Radiant Heating Panels, which are safer and healthier than traditional forms of heat as they do not make any noise, rely on fossil fuels, or blow around dust and allergens. Our state of the art humidification system is always set to 40% to 60% humidity. The relative humidity makes it easier for us to process oxygen and is better for your practice than dry heat.

Why do you use infared for hot yoga classes?

Infrared radiant heat offers a variety of health benefits over traditional heating systems, including:


1. Reducing dust/emissions – Unlike forced air heating systems, our infrared radiant heating panels do not blow dust or allergens. They do not release any emissions, chemicals or pollutants and help keep the air clean and clear.


2. Therapeutic relief – Odds are you have experienced the soothing feeling of warm summer sun on your skin. Our heaters, like the sun, produce radiant heat waves which work to heat up water. Because the human body is made up of mostly water, this infrared heat transfers extremely effectively and can help gently increase blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and even provide pain relief. The body easily absorbs the heat in this wavelength, which penetrates well below the skin, which is optimal for heating people at room temperature or hot yoga enthusiast alike!

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